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Fatuous, insipid, inane, empty… Yeah; but the best, really, is vacuous.  The word popped into my head as I was considering hussein and his recent spate of arrogance, claiming that he had no embarrassing scandals during his presidency. Sigh…

 The word needs to applied to the news interpreters who allowed him that delusional self image.  In what world is flying an airplane loaded with billions in cash as a giveaway to the Iranians not embarrassing…? Solyndra… not embarrassing…?  joe, the hands, biden and the the great porkulus… not embarrassing…? Having a corrupt Attorney General who is held in contempt of Congress for lying... not embarrassing…?  I guess what he is really saying is he has no shame… and CNNABCNBCNYTWPCBS will swear to it.  

Sadly the most embarrassing scandal is that the American Voter voted for him twice.


I had an amazing golf lesson yesterday.  My instructor listened to me whine about my age and degrading physical condition,  watched one swing and said:here is your issue.  I know what you are thinking…but it was nothing to do with my vacuous mental state… He altered my swing path slightly and had me making flush, center of the club face shots within 10 minutes.  Sadly by the time I get around to applying the lesson… well, you know how that story goes.

The news interpreters are really enjoying mocking PDT for saying he would have charged in to fight for the kids.  The counter story that a much younger Donald stopped his limo and jumped out to face down a mugger with a baseball bat, is very satisfying.  A check of the very liberal Snopes site, confirms the story, although one has to push through a lot of anti-trump rhetoric before finding very reluctant affirmation.

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Forgive me but I am still struggling for the definition of Universal Background Checks and Meaningful Gun Safety laws…?  Help…?  I want to understand… really.  

Another mystery: what is magic about the age of 21…? I thought according to law, that 26 was the transitional age when children became old enough to drop off their parents health insurance… Clearly my 79 years of life experience are insufficient to grasp the finer details.  Perhaps I am just insufficiently … uh… progressive…?


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