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Vanishing days of May

It’s all getting past me so fast; I just can’t keep up.  How did it get to be the 18th of May when yesterday it was April…?

On that same train of thought, Jackson is leaving next Wednesday for Boot Camp.  That’s a day earlier than we thought it would be.  Wow.

At approximately 1:30 this morning, we discovered that Ginger is thunderstorm phobic.  The indicators were apparent when the 80 pound lady of Gold launched herself upon my sleeping body, panting and drooling in an inconsolable fashion. Ginger - not me.   My pain was indescribable as was my language...

Cartoons.  I scanned the available and found these to be acceptable in my sight:



Then on the absurd side:

IMG 1669

And my favorite for the week:

IMG 1681

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