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Very deep sigh...

There were several articles this morning I thought would satiate my need for red meat.  Byron York asked why the FBI didn’t tell the FISA court about Steele and his visceral hated for Trump.  His tale is well written and chock full of factual conclusions that the FBI was simply as biased against PDT as was any democrat in the country.  Lovely Kimberly, in her Friday epistle, sliced and diced the McCaskill campaign and her supporting democrats for sleazy and destructive campaign tactics.  As usual, when democrats run out of facts they go for character assassination. And then there is the story of how the NYT and WP, having come up empty on destructive material on Kavanaugh, are now researching his wife’s email.  After reflection, I found I was weeping blood.

So two things: First, I repeat an earlier point that people are inured of the deceitful hate that spews from liberals and democrat politicians   It  just doesn’t matter. That’s the way they are. That reputations, livelihood; even lives of innocents are destroyed in the process… meh…

The second derives.  If society will not punish aberrant behavior reflecting a complete breakdown of the morality upon which the same society depends for the common good, we are destined for complete disintegration, or civil war. "and dats da name of dat tune…” as someone once said.

In other news, we have a second day of relief from the biblical flood.  I swear I saw a dove.  Unfortunately it’s too late for many whose homes were flooded and the weather agitators are predicting more rain.  I probably need to hit the lawn today.  I also need to mow my hair whose growth seems to parallel the lawn. And the weeds… oh the weeds...

There were several excellent cartoons on the sites this morning.  None are relevant to my ramblings but perhaps just a random collection would be editorially acceptable:

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