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Very wet...

Too much rain.  Too many spam phone calls.  Too many weeds in the yard.  I am struggling with excess as you can see.  Yet we have four dogs and not yet crying too many dogs… We may get there.  Our new China girl, Hope, is clearly not house broken.  

Other than that she is fun to watch as she adapts to the western culture.  She loves a ball.  She doesn’t really play with it but gets very excited. We were watching golf on TV when she spotted the ball moving across the green.  She parked herself in front of the TV watching the golf balls, trying to grab them and then trying to figure out where they went.  That went on for on hour until I had to turn the TV off to get her away from it.

IMG 1967

Looks like the steam is gone from the impeachment drive.  Maybe they realized there was nothing there to convince the public or maybe Nancy’s fear of losing the house carried the day.  The stupidity continues but who can be surprised at that.  I mean we are dealing with  democrats.

Poor joey.  He is rightfully taking heat for his flipping and flopping.  Is it any wonder his staff won’t let him take questions.  In the world of democrat dufusses (is that’s a word) he must be king.


At least he is besties with hussein

I need a root canal.  And even worse I have to call and schedule it…  More excess… 


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