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Our Church honored the vets.  Shouldn’t be that notable but in the past it didn’t happen.  Helps, I guess, that the pastor’s wife is a retired Navy Commander.

The good news is yet another Monday.  But… come on… Mondays are occurring about every three days.  It’s already the 12th of November.  I have an Apple Watch that tracks the days and it tells me the 1st of November was just last week… Somebody’s lying…


So the vote count continues… and somehow the democrats are closing the gap.  Never mind there are more votes counted than the population.  This stuff just happens.

To move into the more esoteric… Our Sunday school class has been studying the origins and evolution of the Bible, specifically dealing with the notorious violence and vengeance of God as portrayed in the Old Testament.  We spoke of the conflicts that come from a biblical endorsement of slavery and the condemnation of aberrant sexuality- homosexuality in particular - in the authoritative text of Christianity.  These topics of course have consumed religious academics as well as us common, unwashed and unread Christians.  And there are no answers and will not be until finality.

But it is fascinating to me that a dedicated atheist such as C.S.Lewis arrived at the Truth of Christianity though a reasoned, intellectual argument instead of a reliance on the Bible or the interpretation of the word by Clergy.  Recently a British historian who has fame and credibility at least as a historian, recently acknowledged he is a believer.  Historians, in general, find religion to be a major source of human suffering rather than a panacea for the evils of mankind.  Tom Holland, conversely discovered that that the the gift of Jesus and importantly the words of Paul intervened in the evolution of mankind, allowing Christian values to change the path of a decadent and corrupted world.  This brief article tells the story but take the time to watch the video to get a sense of the how his conversion was much like that of Lewis.

OK.  I am much better suited to screeds the condemnation of democrats, and whining.  All of that thinking made my head hurt.  

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