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Constitutional privilege.  I just went to the polling station and did it.  Didn't even have to declare my gender.  I did have to declare a preference for a political party though and I only had two choices.  One was republican and the other wasn’t.  

I have been keeping you updated on my health but I was wondering... how are you…?  I mean given that net neutrality is no more which was predicted to cause the deaths of millions…  And if I’m not mistaken PDT met with the Devil him/her self last night to trade away your your souls for his benefit… It must be tough…  Buck up though.  Sustain yourself with this thought …. bb hil will NEVER be President

In other news, little billy c. lamented that a person just cannot into others like they could in the old days.  I mean people just take rape so seriously these days…  And there was the bill maher hoping for a recession so people would hate PDT… I suppose that is the equivalent of Rush hoping hussein would fail except without the condemnation from the news interpreters…  Nancy, of course.  How could I not mention her 

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The doc gave me some antibiotics yesterday.  Sinus infection.  Not playing golf tomorrow… Got to get my energy back…

I’m working on changing the style of this page.  My links don’t show up any more and I think I generated this look during the hussein years… I need something MAGA…

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