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It seems everyone hates vp*.  Her staff leaves and cites toxicity. Apparently p* himself is no fan. How unusual is it that the news interpreters blaspheme any significant democrat…?  Very…So what is going on…  

Clearly no one expects p* to run again.  If he were to run there are simply not enough dead registrants, or middle of the night vote creators to push him across the line. So who is the fallback…? I am pretty sure the dems hoped that the vp* would take able to take advantage of her gender and race to overcome her disappointing intellect.  It’s now obvious that she fell short in the eyes of the great planners so now the objective is to trash her to the side of the road so someone electable can be pushed in behind p* when he ultimately completely shorts out.


Stand by.  I suspect mayor pete is the next choice…  Won’t that be fun.

  © Robert Graham