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As I walked out to get the paper I glanced where the daffodils bloom and sure enough the shoots are visible.  It’s 64 degrees at 0900.  I guess we’d better enjoy it because we only have 5 more years before… well you know… something happens.  What do I care.  I’m very likely to be old in five more years.

I know its no joke that government employees are getting no pay check next pay period.  Bills have to be paid and it will be a major hardship for some folks.  Still in all when government shuts down and the citizens don’t notice, maybe there is a vague lesson to be considered.  Just sayin’…

One would think the blustering, blundering bigmouths of the national news interpreters would be a bit embarrassed over their 1) rush to judgement about  PDT being the first in decades not to meet with troops on Christmas, as his plane was touching down in Iraq; and 2) their silliness in deriding the warm reception he received as they asked him to sign their MAGA hats… But shame doesn’t apply to the totally self-absorbed. 


There are countless examples of how a college education is simply a very expensive exercise in liberal thought and practice.  Here, yet another:

Dr of what…?  one wonders.

Hastily prepping for the arrival of Mike and Cindy for our 34th or 35th, somewhere in there, year of celebrating the New Year together.  Puzzle to be assembled, food to be consumed, movies to watch, libations to sip and friendship to honor.  Pretty amazing that a liberal like Mike and a nut case like myself could stay friends for so long.  Liberal being a relative term of course. (Irony…read with irony…)

I have two choices: do something or don’t.  I’m talking about the strain on my belt and the weight the scale is reluctant to even register.  If this page goes dormant you’ll know I chose don't.


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