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Wasting away

my day.  Clearly the only reason I putter about rearranging pixels on this page each day is it gives me an excuse to avoid those things which I ought to be doing. So now you know.

The other day I noted that among the many reasons I am unfit for public office was a yearbook notation. I should amplify the list: I have Christian beliefs (even if the behavior falls short); I am a frequent fondler of blond female democrats and have been known to call them the “B" word; although advocating both social and fiscal conservatism, in practice I am a dedicated socialist deriving the majority of my income and healthcare from government largess; as a father, I administered brutal corporal punishment to my children; and finally I have had a long, monogamous relationship in marriage with a  person who, consistent with her anatomy, identifies as female.  With that kind of baggage, I could never survive public scrutiny.


As the United Methodist Conference nears the decision point of changing the Book of Discipline to accommodate the LGBTXYZ community and thus divide the Church, it is interesting to note that the resistance to change comes mostly from without the United States.  The fastest growing and most conservative of the Methodist population is the branch from Africa.  That delegation has consistently opposed the liberalization of the Church rules against gay marriage in the Church as well as the prohibition of gay and lesbian clergy.  The stand of the Africans is quite articulately presented here in an article titled:

"African United Methodists Won’t Trade Bible for Dollars

The Odyssey is fully repaired at significant expense; but much less than the new car that was contemplated.  There was an internal point of debate as to whether or not we require a car that seats 8 but that becomes mute.  And we don’t, by the way.

Pearl goes in for an exam tomorrow.  Assuming her health is declared satisfactory, she will take a new surname and join the pack.  I am not fond of the name “Pearl" and am inclined to call her “Grace" but first things first.  She is after all still an advocate of Islam and a democrat; and given certain surgical modifications, her gender declaration is still in doubt.  Much to be considered.

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