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We dodged that bullet

A little rain and breeze.  Tidal flooding.  Nothing like the Carolinas.  I’m not making light of their circumstances just thankful for ours.  I do have to note the Weather Channel reporter who was caught pretending to fight to stand up in the winds as two men walk calmly past.  What a dolt.

Still overcast and drizzle but otherwise just another Saturday morning.  No SBS though.  Not enough ham for eggs bene.  That what passes for dire conditions here in the home of dogs.


I’m still a little nuts over the feinstein play against Kavanaugh.  Is there no a trace of humanity left in those people…?  


The WP this morning is touting the possibility that manafort will now open the collusion spigot and we will finally see the end of PDT.  That’s top of the fold and then there is oh by the way people are dying in the Carolinas.


Mei Mei is getting me a new Apple Watch for my birthday.  The new model has an EKG capability built in.  Now I can record my mis-firing heart in real time.  If I can just figure out how to use it to improve my golf game… or improve my pixel killing skills.

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