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I had trouble posting the video of Kayla’s swing yesterday.  Apparently some could view it and others could not.  I think I fixed it so if you didn’t see it go back and take a look.

We have lots of dogs: Top to bottom, Ginger, Roscoe, Hope, Gracie Pearl

IMG 2011

It seems that mueller will now testify before Congress… uh… democrats.  No one was taking them seriously so now they call the big guy to the stand.  This could go any number of ways.  In the best case he tells them, again, what is in the report.  In the more likely case, he weasels his words to imply more than he was willing to put in the report so as to keep the whole stink bomb alive.  At least the republicans will have the opportunity to ask the pertinent questions.  Whether they will or not remains to be seen.

And I hear the whole democrat clown show goes live on TV today of tomorrow or both.  I can’t imagine…


Oh well...


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