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Well the game did not go well.  There was clearly collusion on the part of the refs who were all democrats.  Blatant interference call not made.  A touchdown that was ignored… Lawsuits are ready to   file as soon as we can get the attention of SCOTUS. our suit will overturn the bogus results… Right after PDT is declared the winner…

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It goes without saying (but not by me) that PDT will not get credit for Operation Warp Speed… a miraculous story of what American money and capitalism can do.  The other miracle that’ll pass by unheralded is how the the distribution was poised and ready for when the clearance was given.  If you think moving millions of doses of vaccine that require subzero temperatures at all times is just a matter of calling UPS then you must be a news interpreter… or a democrat…  BTW to the other countries using the Pfizer vaccine…  you’re welcome.


I checked closely and validated that I am still without a PS 5.  But then I still don’t have the Hope diamond either… Apparently the odds of having one is similar to the odds of having the other…

Ruby just peed on the rug…. Sigh… I know that’s TMI.  It’s pouring rain and the dogs don’t want to go out…  I actually caught her in the act but she just looked at me while I was yelling as if to say; you go out in that.  I’m smarter than I look.

The transition to HULU TV is now almost complete.  I have Mei Mei somewhat educated on the new system.  As long as she can watch her soap, I think the pain of transition will pass.  The next step is to actually cancel DirecTV.  Wish me luck…


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