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What a mess

The irony of the DOJ refusing to investigate coumo for his mandate that killed nursing home residents is brought to light by a DEMOCRAT NY State AJ reporting on the deep, filthy corruption of the man and his administration. What a tragedy that that the journalists of America have abandoned the concept of a the fourth estate.  An honest and aggressive press could have held this mess up to the light and saved countless lives.  Sadly the reporters know the facts.  They know the secrets.  But they choose favoritism and political whitewash while they practice protectionism.   An honest reporting would have prevented the tragedy that is p* by demanding answers to the questions raised from the hunter laptop; never mind the accusations of Tara Reade.  (And if you can’t recall who Tara Reade is: Q.E.D.) The conundrum that is the wuhan virus streaming across the southern border and distributed within the US while the p* folks scream about masks and shots is another example of people dying because of biased reporting.  Why isn’t every reporter demanding answers…? WhywhyWhywhyWhywhyWhywhyWhywhyWhywhyWhywhyWhywhyWhywhyWhywhy



Belatedly, I report that Scott and Kayla are out of quarantine and safely home.  Kayla finished a 2000 piece jig saw on the last day.  Sadly Indonesia is shut down.  They will do school via zoom.  Tika’s mom is not doing well.  Scott thinks she has the virus.  They plan to visit tomorrow.  Indonesia is hard hit.  It should be noted that what few inoculations were given were from the chinese vaccine.  Draw your own conclusions.

While my medical credentials are thin, my opinions remain profuse.  And so I say people have every right to refuse to accept the wuhan vaccine without stigma.  There is no mandate for or consequence to refusing the flu vaccine,.  Yet carriers can condemn innocents to death by unknowing infection.  The wuhan shots are not even officially authorized.  The long term genetic effects are unknown.  The reasons for not putting the stuff in one’s body are real and compelling.

Two inches of rain last night and it is still falling hence no golf this morning.  We had our large carpets picked up for cleaning yesterday.  We discovered some floor damage underneath.  Bare floors really change the appearance of the house.  My appears changes when I am bare as well but that’s a really ugly thought.

Finally, and this has been a long post, I know, P* announced the even though he knows his action is unconstitutional, he is extending the  privilege of living rent free in property owned by others.   What other president has announced that he knows what he is doing is illegal but, damn it, AOC will chew my a$$ if I don’t violate the Constitution…  I think I recall his swearing an oath on the Bible not to do that… And everyone knows he is a devoted Christian...


  © Robert Graham