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What now...

I ask…? Not about who will be President in 2021… It’s far to late to change that outcome.  PDT is history and we are stuck with biden for at least until his “dog” causes a a presidential transition or 2024 which ever comes first.  I am wondering what will change from the stats quo… Will States continue to ignore their own constitutions with respect to authoritarian grabs of power by the executive…?  Will election laws be enforced …?  One path leads to blood in streets and the other back to a sense of diminishing danger.  As one pundit put it, conditions as they exist will lead to relatively peaceful protests and resistance from those on the right; but if those protests are met with violence there will be revolution.  We are not just a divided society, we are bitterly and irreconcilably estranged.  One group is well armed and is very near a breaking point. 


Interestingly, UFOs and election fraud have a strong similarity.  Both have enormous  libraries of anecdotal  evidence of existence including testimony, pictures and convincing arguments.  Both are denied by “science” as lacking “evidence”.

There is viral video of a woman in California whose outdoor dining area has been closed, while in the parking lot adjacent to her business a movie set outdoor canteen has been set up and approved.  I wish I could show the heart breaking video here because it is so powerful.  The best I can do is provide a link.  Scroll down to get to the video.

Take the time to watch.  The story defines the times...



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