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What sort

of a weekend was it…? A weekend filled with those events that alter and illuminate our time.  And you were there.  Paraphrasing Walter Cronkite, the grand old daddy of news interpreting liberals. Anyway, there was the march of the 50 or so white supremacists surrounded buy hundreds if not thousands of "anti-hate" protestors, as CNN labeled them.  The identity marker for anti-hate is to wear masks,  throw eggs and scream obscenities at the police.  Another of the events was a similar anti-hate campaign conducted by that  pillar of integrity and rational behavior, Omarosa.  Why she was on the White House staff is a question that perhaps specproc mueller can answer for us some day.  PDT deserves every minute of agony that woman causes him.  The third of the events concerned the fact that keith ellison, chair of the DNC and noted islamist, allegedly abused a woman friend (gender notwithstanding…).  I note this because whatever offense may have occurred will vanish from visibility as the news interpreters take the necessary action to protect the reputation of prominent democrats.

For my part I sat in a pile in my chair as I watched the old Tiger Woods emerge from hiding to almost win the PGA.  It was fun and even the Tiger haters had to tip their hats.  I felt sorry for the winner, Brooks Koepka who played magnificent golf under incredible pressure.  The cheers for his performance were drowned by the roars for Tiger.

I also finished the latest Brad Thor novel.  it had the feel of a book that had been written over a weekend complete with a couple of hangovers.  Horriby bad writing, characters yada, yada… But the plot dealt with a Russian scheme to throw NATO into disarray and then invade and reclaim the Baltics ala Crimea, Georgia and other adventures. That aspect of the book was frightening especially since the heroics that thwarted the plot were so incredible.  If God had damned us with clinton, there is little doubt that Russia could effect such plan…  But He gave us PDT..

No cartoon today.  Maybe tomorrow.

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