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The December social obligations are done.  The Stephen Ministers had a good evening with us last night.  We got the remaining Christmas stuff up just in time.  Thank God for Grandson Jackson.  He carried a lot of heavy stuff for me and helped get things in place.  We will need to start in October next year.  Getting almost old really slows the process.

Remaining is the stress of one more Sunday School lesson, Christmas shopping (none done), Christmas letter, not to mention the fact that Christmas itself is coming up in a month or so… And the New year must be approaching shortly thereafter.  Still time for a nap.

The climate was very cold this morning.  Heavy frost covered the ground.  The geothermal pumped some heat into the house but was panting from the effort.  BTU’s are hard to come by when the ground gets frozen.

One would think the border situation would be a loser for democrats.  I guess PDT is counting on that as he committed the unpardonable sin of insulting the chuck and nancy team in public and to their faces.  I give him kudos for his willingness to say what he is thinking right out loud.  He’ll never get the slick politician of the year award. A government shutdown pretty much goes unnoticed by anyone not in Washington.  The republicans always get blamed but to quote that famous line: what difference at this point does it make.  What are they going to do… put democrats in charge of the House…? Build the wall.

You know who I like…? Nikki Haley.  She is PDT but wrapped in an intelligent and credible package.  She is a clever politician who can slash with the verbal knife but with grace and precision.  My guess is she bailed out of the UN because she foresees the Donald self-destructing before 2020 and she will be the statesman…woman... person (gender unspecified) who can step forward to provide strong, but sane, conservative leadership.  I know I always like these strong, articulate and attractive women conservatives… What can I say… I am sexist.


If all of this is depressing just take heart that we are banning "Baby it’s Cold Outside”.  Perspective, people…

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