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Another very rainy morning trying to get Harry out and in.  Very trying.  Not his fault at all but it is disconcerting that he simply will not take the easy route.  I’d say he is a poor addled boy but Harry has always danced to his own tune.  He loves food, visitors; especially Bonnie, and to be near his people. Not that different from the standard Golden but clearly he is Harry.

I am not a Rand Paul fan. That is a rant for another day but I will grant him that his idea to pull the security clearances from the hussein crowd is a superb idea.  That Ms Sanders confirmed it was under consideration ignited yet another round of serial head explosions.  Everything from petty retribution to impeachable violations of the First Amendment were cited in today’s Virginian-Pilot.  The headline called out PDT for revenge against those who accuse him of collusion. Yeah… maybe the closest to the truth of all the slander.  I hope he does it.


Given the maxim that the simplest explanation likely being the true one, one should assume that hussein and his “justice” minions conspired to destroy the Donald and prop up that wretched woman.  They knew the risk was moderate.  If the aforementioned shrew was elected, there would be no concern. The administration would simply stonewall along with the news interpreters.  Congress could investigate their little hearts out but… meh.. Of course the worst case occurred and they got PDT (and Nunes)  The story became clear very soon thereafter in spite of the news interpreters daily tantrums and the democrats bald face lies.  But the question is begged: Is the consequential outcome any different…? If no one if held accountable, in the famous words of the wretched witch: what difference at this point does it make…?

My lesson on Sunday deals with C.S. Lewis and his discussion of God’s gift of Free Will.  I am freely willing that someone else should take this on.  The waters of the theology have long since risen above my level.  I am drowning…

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