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Whining works

To wit: just definition I posted yesterday, the sun came out and the temperature soared.  Apparently I can change the climate.

I missed my chance to cash in.  Fauci is being given a $1M award for speaking truth to power and being a voice of reason.  Let’s see… masks don’t matter - masks are good - two or more masks are mandatory... the wuhan will be here forever…. the wuhan will go away soon… xPDT did good with the vaccine… there was no vaccine program under Trump…  Yeah.  I could have said these things and been completely self-contradictory… In fact I probably have… Where’s my Mil…?


When you think of democrat voters, what image comes to mind…?

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p*doj said kids back in school in first 100 days… But he forgot who runs the schools. The unions want no kids in school, head of the line for wuhan shots and a raise in pay…


Family exempted of course...

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