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Pam called yesterday.  Jackson passed his final tests and is now what she called “a Sailor”.  He graduates Friday.

Tears of Joy and Prayers answered.

We’ll watch the live stream at 0830.  

Yeah, we had some rain.  Enough that the golf course is swamped and so I am not playing this morning. I guess it’s my white privilege or something but if I can’t ride. I won’t play.

The decking material was delivered yesterday and the guys are out cutting and screwing.  Hopeful we will be able to let the dogs out sometime today.  We plan to rescue Roscoe from his forced exile with Joe and Bonnie this afternoon.  I worry about Stockholm syndrome.  I hope he hasn’t been overly spoiled such that he identifies with his keepers…

I guess the specproc is testifying right now.  I think I can hear nadler’s tantrum from here.  I could watch it and draw my own conclusions but… nah… my inner democrat just screams: don’t think, don’t reason… just keep to your pre-conceptions.  Facts can be very messy… Tomorrow we’ll try to filter the spin from the news interpreters and shout Huzzah, Huzzah… Long live the King.

Just so you know, I am aware of the feud between PDT and what some call the “squad”.  I prefer the Four Dems of the Apocalypse, but what do I know…  At first I questioned the propriety of PDT redirecting the fury of the FDotA away from fancy nancy and onto him.  But the more they rant and rave the more people see them for the insanity that they are.  I guess… In any case PDT is now and forever branded a racist…  But then who isn’t…?



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