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Windy, overcast...

The latest projections indicate  less dire circumstances for Hampton Roads.  Schools were closed early to convert them into shelters, evacuation ordered early enough that the roads weren’t clogged, most social activities were shut down as of yesterday.  It will rain and flood and the wind will blow.  Is it climate or weather…? Oh never mind.  According to the NYT it’s PDT.

We, the Grahams, appreciate the calls and emails asking about our situation. Comforting.  

Among the precautions imposed was a moratorium on adoption of foster dogs.  Even though Lena was posted last Monday, we will not know who responded until after the panic clears.

Tickled my bizarre side.


  I don’t have a rant to accompany because I fired that bullet last time.  I do advocate the video below which is both very funny and frightening.  It’s long but at least listen to the first couple of minutes for the humor if not the stark reality of the UK today.

I could continue my usual thread of bad, bad, ugly democrats and the bad, bad, really bad, FBI/DOJ but what’s the point…?  It’s old news and nobody cares… They will some day but by then THEY will have come for THEM.

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