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The news interpreters focus exclusively  on negative news hoping eventually the doom will rub off on PDT supporters.  In fact the good things occurring all around us are brightening the gloom to the point where those who continually throw the muck are beginning to see it’s only they who are in the sty.  Iran, NorK, the economy, unemployment numbers, Jerusalem and the list goes on.  Most important is the restoration of the America Backbone that hussein tried to remove piece by piece.  Feeling optimistic this morning.

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We heard from the family who ripped little Halley from our lives… Sigh… Unexpectedly she is happy as can be, being loved by a good family, taken to the doggy spa, and being fawned over by grandchildren.  And so it goes…

Back to one of my favorite topics: the tangle of corruption among the FBI leaderships and hussein officials that led to mueller and his posse of trump haters.  Read here for Andrew McCarty's take on the chain of events as revealed only by referencing the infamous texts between the illicit lovers strzok and page.  He makes a very compelling case without hyperbole or emotional leaps of faith.  Of course it’s all lost on democrats because… well… democrat


Oh yeah, I bought a new driver.  It had better work.

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