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The climate reached 88 degrees yesterday.  Time to warp AGW back into the discussion.  Not me of course. I have resolved my thoughts and concerns because I am going out not coming in… Thank God.

I haven’t been able to bring myself to comment on the tragedy of little Alfie, a victim of the highly coveted socialized medicine system in the UK.  As with all things, there are two sides to consider.  In a case like this we only hear the tragic, unconscionable side in which an innocent life is sacrificed at the altar of Government callous indifference simply because ...  I don’t know any of the opposing argument so to pass judgement while in my state of ignorance would be to depend on the bias and and agendas of others. ( Wow I sound like big jimmy c.)  But those of you who have stumbled through my rhetoric in the past know full well that I am apt to ignore rational argument in favor of my own deeply held right wing barbarian preconceptions.   Thus my image of the Alfie case is presented here:


A USNA classmate and friend of many, many years stopped by last night for a brief catchup as he and his wife meander home from their travels.  We shared political views which of course coincide, otherwise we would only greet each other cooly from afar every now and then.  We noted that even though we are past the point where the youth think our wisdom is in severe decline, we are upright, mobile and still able to put words together in somewhat coherent fashion.  That’s a good thing and a blessing I wonder hourly if I deserve.

We have discussed the back story but I didn’t have this cartoon.  I present it without diatribe because it is so clearly within my spectrum of politically correct irony:

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And of course it is from Ramirez.

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