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I didn’t watch of course.  I’d rather get my commentary from the usual far right wing sources than generate honest opinions from actual observation.  Well, I did tune in for some of the discourse, aptly described by many as a circular firing squad.  In the brief interlude, I watched little mikey try to escape from blistering pro-PDT fusillades rocketed by his fellow democrat candidates.  His most severe antagonist seemed to be ms 1/1024.  She wielded her tomahawk viciously. Her attacks and his responses on the subject of women signing NDAs were devastating.


Fun quote: "Bloomberg brought a wallet to a gun fight last night"

There were so many good cartoons this morning, I could do a PowerLine spread.  Can’t wait for the real one of Saturday.  it’s pretty amazing how singular the opinions were this morning:  PDT won the debate.  At one point in the “debate” only bernie raised his hand when the group was asked if the candidate with the most delegates should win the nomination…  democrats… does it get any better than this…?  Oh.  Yes it does,  PDT released a bunch of pigeons wearing MAGA hats…

Actually I can relate to what tiny mike must have felt.  I got up last night around 3:30 and as I stumbled into the dark bathroom, I stepped in something squishy and gooey. No.  It was not chocolate pudding.  One of the dogs has an issue and left the deposit on the dark bathroom rug.  So at that hour of the morning I was washing off my foot and moving the rugs to the laundry room.  Me and bloomie…

There was an excellent article in the WSJ trying to pin down why the youth of America think socialism is a good thing. Fundamentally the author attributed the issue to a lack of history in their education and the fading populations of those of us who lived the era.  Here is what we have now:


2-4 inches of snow predicted for this evening.  Right… Hope the daffodils don’t wilt… Actually when the weather idiots get this worked up, God usually just laughs and sends rain…

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