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The big news here today is not the state of Virginia, although more on that later.  The cherry tree is in full bloom and the daffodils have buds. YeHaw.  I skipped golf this morning, even though it’s already 71 dress and quite sunny.  Loving this climate.

So anyway, Happy Birthday Kathleen.  I won’t say how old she is but I can tell you she looks about 18...

(she’s the one on the left)

IMG 3535

As you know Friday is Kimberly Day in this household.  Today, My Lady of the Truth went after AOC.  Not her exactly but those things she stands for.  Well, actually her as well.  Now to disagree with Kimberly would be so out of my character that I cannot even suppose.  That said, her theme this morning is that AOC is a gift to republicans.  While I agree that the radical proposals from that far left, when actually detailed and if implemented, would end up at a revolutionary scale of dissatisfaction,  the concepts and fluffy presentation clearly resonates with the history-challenged and crap-for-brains American Voters. We know, at least for now, that the pain associated with making America Green is not on the agenda.  But the more we wave all those banners in the wind, the more attractive those left wing nuts become.  We are only a few senators, and a new president from disaster.  Sorry dear Kimberly…

Virginia… What can I say…?  It stands to reason that after the humiliation of democrats in positions of power, the news interpreters wold have to find a republican to shift the focus.  So we discover somehow that the Majority Leader was the editor of a racist yearbook.  Everyone has forgotten that the KKK was in fact a creation of democrats.  It was composed of democrats.  Democrats opposed the abolition of slavery… But that’s history and we don’t teach history anymore.  We don’t learn from history anymore.  Fortunately I am almost history…


I used to be technically competent.  Maybe it is the video gaming, but now I cannot solve even the most basic of issues.  For example, I imported all my previous data from the old Mac to the new one.  Now I have lost PhotoStream from the Photos app.  It used to be there.  It used to work.  Now it doesn’t and I can’t figure it out.

One last happy thought and then I am off to enjoy this glorious day:


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