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This morning from the the Commonwealth where the local political chaos has reached into a second week.  By now any events that muddy democrats are usually confined to Old News and forgotten.  But the stink is sufficient to make headlines in the V-P this morning.  Of course nothing is happening.  The GovVa and LtGovVa are staying put, both gritting their teeth and closing their eyes and crying out to Make it All Go Away.  Oh wait… That’s the National Dems.  They don’t want the distraction from their own campaigns.  And the more noise is made the more the chance their own #METOO or blackface photos might get exposed.


I’m still a bit groggy.  I stayed up past midnight Saturday playing a cooperative video game session.  Not a good idea.  The good news is I am growing bored with this particular game.  I have neglected my reading and one of my favorite assassins is back in print so maybe a life style change is order.

The PowerLine Boys are warning about booker.  I see their point but harris is still my nightmare.  Nightmares are relative though.  Not sure what difference it makes.  We are way past the tipping point.

Looking grim for the wall. Logic clearly is not a factor.  Roscoe is among those democrats demanding open borders. He isn’t concerned with those coming in; he just wants out.  He does seem to to appreciate the warm comfort on cold rainy days.  Not surprising.  He’s almost old himself.

So far I am happy with the new computer.  My email issues seems to have sorted out and the PhotoSteam came back to my Photos app.  It’s probably my imagination or rationalization but sometimes almost old people have that problem.


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