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I’m angry enough for 10 people.  Clearly, at least in the Conservative mind, there was enormous fraud that tilted the vote in close races.  That makes me angry enough for two.  The remaining 8 (or 27 if you are a pollster) is at the mentally deficient who actually ignored the story of corruption; the signs of dementia; the failure to campaign; the clear and present danger of the womanwhoshallnotbenamed; the attempted coup by the hussein administration; to cast a legitimate vote for biden.  It should never have been close enough for the cheating to sway the vote. 


Two other points: By US Code, biden doesn’t become president-elect until the States provide Certificates of Ascertainment of the vote. They must name the electors and the number of votes received.  That certification is due in December   The calling of the race by news interpreters is not provided for in the Constitution and has no legal bearing what-so-ever. except in the minds of the interpreters. 

My second point is not my own but taken from someone I read: The Republican Party did not achieve that record turnout.  The Republican Party did not achieve the record breaking economy of the last four years.  The Republican Party did not achieve the the foreign policy gains or any of the other major successes of this administration.  Donald Trump did all of that.  Without him we would have bottomed out with the wicked witch long ago.  So don’t get cocky and don’t take Georgia for granted.  You know full well how the carpet baggers will mobilize and try to turn the Senate.  Support those candidates like your kids future depends on it.  Because that’s the truth.

Can’t finish today without acknowledging the loss of Alex Trebek.  Somehow he was part of everyone’s life.  Notably he wasn’t a journalist or a politician.

  © Robert Graham