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Yeah, Baby

Good talk.  Went on way too long but I was among the 76% as measured by CBS who approved.  Even my inner democrat had trouble finding where PDT was divisive or demeaning.  Very powerful case presented for the border.  The ladies in white, which I took to be a protest of the baby killers in NY and Va, couldn’t find acceptance of anything PDT said such as lowest minority employment, American prosperity, law enforcement heroes; but were quite able to cheer for themselves. 


 Watching fancy nancy squirm with her botox frozen smile made me retch a few time as did the images of the other half of "I’m with stupid”, the weasel who is and hopefully will always be the minority leader in the senate.  

The nazi in the White house took a wonderful tack by celebrating both a holocaust survivor and a WWII hero.  Too bad the cameras couldn’t focus on llhan omar, the antisemitic rep from MI during the ovation. She was hiding in her head cover

So anyway the democrat news interpreters saw and heard a different speech.  How one can say it was a divisive or hate-filled speech can only be attributed to … democrat.

I know he didn’t write it but he said it very well:

“Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence –- not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.”


Yesterday I mentioned our consideration of a new car and the plague of the information gatherers who immediately spammed me. I went one step further and looked on the USAA car buying service to see what the general prices were.  I had no sooner entered a car preference when the calls began from dealers, addressing me as CDR Graham and here’s the deal we can offer on the car you want.  I mean within seconds… I suppose that’s a good thing in a way, but come on… is there anyplace immune from the snooping…?

OK I admit it.  Yesterday we took advantage of the 5% scratch-off and I bought a new iMac.  I tell myself that the new machine and OS will solve my email issues even as I know full well that isn’t the correct technical approach.  My email problems are buried in the mysteries of IMAP and POP protocols and the existence of concurrent accounts but allow me my rationalization.  The old machine is now over 8 years old, antiquated by technology standards.  

PDT took a shot a the abortion advocates with predictable results.  He is condemned for interfering with the reproductive rights of women.


I need to post this one:



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