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yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

Waiting for the vote but….


And this guy:

Stole this thought from somewhere: Today, January 31, 2020 marks not just the end of the impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment,  thus liberating the USA from the democrat reign of terror; but also marks the independence of the UK from the EU.  I see parades and fireworks well into the future…. Unless the VIRUS gets us all

BTW do not miss my lady Kimberly’s summary of the impeachment fraud.  She is oh so very good.  In fact the white House team should have used her to weave her golden words into the defense.  Even waddling little nadler would have walked away in resignation

Speaking of whom, you should not miss the closing moment when nadler waddled to podium as fast as his chubby little legs would carry him to present an inarticulate garble of a final close to the house case. All the while schiff was trying to call him back:  jerry, jerry, jerry  he called…  See for yourself but warning to old men - you may laugh so hard you will pee yourself

Be sure to scroll down…. There are some very funny comments.

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