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Been surprisingly busy this week. Played golf(poorly), worked lesson plan, mowed the lawn, whined about the democrats.   Very time consuming. given the time acceleration effect of growing (almost) old, what was Monday suddenly turns into Saturday  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

On the bright side, PDT is back in battery… unfortunately that’s the flip side as well. I grow ever more pessimistic about post November.  Clearly the Great American Voter will not hold the democrats accountable for their many sins against humanity.  Russiagate, impeachment hoax, the Kavanaugh tragedy, green new deal, biden rape charges, the womanwhoshallnotbenamed… A COUP attempt by the FBI… NO ONE HELD ACCOUNTABLE because PDT is an obnoxious egotist… I need help for my anger issues, I know. 

Funny cartoons are increasingly scarce.  There are plenty that have lost their irony because… well… 2020.  What was once silly and ironic is now… fact of life. 

But humor persists I guess.  To wit:

I chuckled at this one:

While being ruled by the womanwhoshallnotbenamed - biden administration, will I still be able to get Oban 14, year old whisky…?  I beg you to hear my prayer Dear Lord…

  © Robert Graham