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Jackson graduated from Sub School this morning.  Very proud grandparents.

My credulity is broken.  The interpreter frenzy over this mythical whistle blower is beyond comprehension.  This is spy gate, Kavanaugh gate, money in the back pocket, obstruction, share gate, cheating at golf and all the rest combined.  That great purveyor of unfiltered democrat rhetoric, the V-P, had a summary in the headlines. “Democrats: unanimously ready to impeach over whistle blowers report.  Republicans: Most refuse to comment.  Few support Trump”.  Gee whiz, I wish they had asked me…I would have commented…

Damon got onto the counter again and this time dragged three bags of dog treats down and ate them all.  As a consequence his effluence has been frequent and messy and unfortunately all about the house. He is a love though and we forgive him.

I could rant for thousands of words over the current democrat pattern of lies, deceptions and criminal proceedings.  But to no avail.  Anyone reading my poor messaging is probably already in consonance or they wouldn’t have opened this page.  I regret my inability to force the Truth on the great unwashed.  Only God has the power to make this all right but I suspect He has little interest in the rectitude of democrat sins on earth.  They will pay at Judgement.  In the meantime we may all be punished for the ungodly world we have created.  I just hope I have my Grace ticket certified as the exit sign glows in the distance

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