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We received the second dose of the wuhan vaccine courtesy of the US Navy.  I am now faster than a speeding bullet… able to leap tall buildings in a single bound,  I even know what evil lurks in the minds of men… women…  uh ... democrats.  Even though it may kill my Sampson image, I may now venture out to get a hair cut.  In fact I’ll get them all cut.

"Who cares if they died in a nursing home… "  "What difference at this point does it make…" Great democrats think alike…

So during the meeting yesterday between p*doj and the 10 republican senators, was joey allowed to have a teleprompter?  Or was he even allowed tp speak…?  The meeting lasted two hours and extended well past his bed time… Just asking…?


The coordinated cry from the democrats when asked about election fraud is “there is no evidence of election fraud”.  I would approach the issue differently:  Prove to me there was no election fraud.  Prove the anecdotal evidence is false… Yeah… That ain’t gonna happen because that would require an investigation and sworn testimony… Instead we’ll just scream insurrection and listen to the echo from the news interpreters…

We were warned this morning that flu like symptoms are more likely after the second shot.  That practically guarantees I will be calling for an ambulance very soon…  In fact I am feeling the need for an antidote as we speak… Can I make it to the liquor cabinet in my weekend state… No way.  I’ll just have to nap in place.

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