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We had a lovely anniversary.  Dinner with friends at a French Restaurant.  Greetings from friends and family.  Janet, a childhood friend of Mei Mei, sent a beautiful orchid plant:

IMG 2659

The celebration will continue later this month when we  visit Kiawah with our kids.

What better imagine of the p* administration than this:


That’s wife of p* sitting g at the presidential desk as they fly to England for the G8.  She is “preparing”.  Where is p*…. The world wonders…  Well at least he will take old putin to the woodshed…  Chortle… putin will probably have his goons cyber clean the white house while they are meeting…

I had this cartoon but forgot it the other day when I was pointing out that China will never admit it cursed the world with the covid.  Ole Ramirez always nails it:


And finally this picture is for the NYT who finds the sight of American Flags troubling...


I hope the picture gives them the same nightmares rheum give Americans

  © Robert Graham