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Yes it is...

Sister Betty told me it was -51 in Delano, MI yesterday.  She and her son Jay and going to San Antonio for a while.  It’s 26 here this morning but toasty inside.  

I am an addict.  That’s well known but forgivable because my addiction is to the daily comics.  The Phantom, Pickles, Zits, Pearls before Swine and the list goes on.  I usually enjoy Non-Secquitor but can be put off by it’s liberal slant.  Even when off-putting, the subtle humor of Wiley Miller is to be admired.  Much cleverer dude than I could ever hope to be.  I leave it to the reader to determine if today’s entry is anti-PDT.  I choose to see it otherwise:


If one watches FOX then one was witness to the words of the Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran and the Governor, Ralph Northam as they advocated for post-birth abortion.  There was no misunderstanding of the words or context.  Northam explicitly said the baby would be made comfortable while the parents were advised about the need for euthanasia - a weasel word for murder.  There is much wringing of hands and cries of foul from the democrats.  This from the State Attorney General, Mark Herring:

"Trump and his Republicans in Richmond are trying to spread shameful lies about Kathy Tran, a tremendous delegate, and , a man who served our nation in uniform and dedicated his life to caring for children as a pediatrician. Don’t believe a word of it.

He apparently didn’t watch.  Will the voters understand what they did by bringing these people to public office…?

From time to time I actually clear the left side of my brain and churn over the logic that would make person actually want a hilliary or kamela or any of the progressives in the hunt, to be the President of this country.  For example; I know a person, active in our church, former military, successful in business and well thought of; but was an ardent supporter of hilliary.  My engineer side simply cannot grasp what would induce a person to conclude that particular woman is acceptable.  And yet there you have it… she almost won.  I need a brain transplant.

Enough.  Back to lesson preps.  The topic is Love the sinner, Hate the sin… I should be on very firm ground with the topic of sin.  I could use a good “sinner” joke though… Mike are you there…?


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