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Scott flew out of NY and Kayla went north to Alexandria with Mei Mei to catch a flight from BWI early this morning.  Very quiet in the house.  Even the dogs are quite sedate.  This morning, very early, Val Sribar came over to use our WIFI to conduct some business.  The dogs didn’t even murmur.

It seems in some circles, the joey poll advantage is starting to shrink.  Maybe people are beginning to focus or maybe the current climate is causing folks to realize that they can’t go on with this nonsense and biddy biden is part of the problem.


It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to see the hypocrisy of the BLM movement. I’m pretty sure the stone Heron in the front flower bed has it figured out.  Of course the WPNYTCNN fall a bit short… My dogs, Democrats all, found these examples:


My DNA descends from NC farmers who derived from Scot-Irish immigrants.  I haven’t been tested but I suspect I am awash with racism and tainted by a history ofslave owners.  Lucky for my children I filtered it although a fine mesh conservative screen so they are safe.



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