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We decided against the new car and so the Odyssey went in for service today.  Then Mei Mei and I went to breakfast at the Village Inn.  Second best omelet I have ever had.  The best was also had at the Inn… Bacon-Spinach with hollandaise… All the ingredients for a better life: eggs butter, bacon, butter, eggs… Did I mention butter…?

The WSJ presented a long article on the difficulties facing the Methodist Church as the Conference meets to consider how to deal with Immovable objects and the Unstoppable Force.  it’s a very fair article, nicely written, that clearly lays out why the Church will split.  The obvious arguments of societal pressure to accept the LGBTXYZ community as “normal” are countered by the conservative view that the lifestyle is an aberration and condemned in the Bible.  Rational compromise is unacceptable to either side  and so the end game will revolve around economics.  Who owns Church property; which philosophy governs the big donors; and who will pay the pastors' pensions. 

My personal view is that reproduction of every species is part of the essence created by God to ensure the survival of His design.  Attractions and sexual activity that do not support that end are aberrations, the reconciliation of which are a matter of Grace and the love of God for His creations.  I don’t need to condemn or stand aside. Surprisingly, my judgement falls short of Devine.

I hear on the news that smollet now claims innocence.  Tough sell but he’ll get his chance.


Two of the ladies of ISIS want back into the societies they rejected while urging destruction.  Apparently ain’t gonna happen.  It’s amazing how many folks want desperately to come and live in this miserable land of billionaire oppression as described by the self-righteous democrat elite who celebrate the Venezuelan success and cheer Socialism for Everyone.

Lena, one of our fosters is back for a brief  visit.  She fits right in and acts as if she never left. 

Finally I need to clarify a couple of words that may be confusing to you:


I hope that helps.

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