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Holy Land Day 6

Up early.  Breakfast was interesting because it’s the Sabbath and manual labor is forbidden.  One elevator runs up and down stopping at every floor so no one has to push a button - considered work.  The coffee provided for the Jewish guests was instant.  Apparently pouring the water is allowed but not operating a coffee maker.  There was regular coffee in the dining room for us infidels.  

It was a meaningful day with beautiful moderate temperatures and no wind as we took a boat ride across the Sea - actually it was about an hour to the north shore. The water was calm and you all know how meaningful that is for me.  There were devotions and even a casting of nets.

Next stop was the Mount of Beautitudes where Jesus delivered his noteworthy sermon.

Capernaum was as good as a recreated excavation as we have seen.  Here we got as close to where Jesus actually lived and walked as anywhere we have been and again the holiness of the visit really struck home.

Lunch was a bit of a disaster.  They delighted in serving a whole fish, head and all.  For $19.  The alternative was some chicken, again for $19.  Salad alone was available for $13.  What I really wanted was a beer and a hamburger.

After lunch we saw where the masses were fed from five loaves and 2 fish.  Apparently beef wasn’t available then either.

We deviated from the tour agenda to walk on the actual trail that carried folks from Nazareth to Cana and on to Magdela and Capenaum.  That’s the path Jesus would have taken as he left Nazareth wandering north to establish His ministry.  Lots of history in the hills including cave villages.

We ended the day at a diamond plant.  Israel is a powerhouse in the diamond cutting industry.  We were offered great bargains and deep discounts of course.  Somehow we managed to pass.

Tomorrow we head for Jerusalem.

aa© Robert Graham 2012