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Holy Land Day 7

An easy departure from the Sea of Galilee. Down the Jordan Valley for a piece; then over to central Israel where we turned south and back into the West Bank to Samaria   We stopped at a former Roman fortress high in the hills for lunch.  By coincidence there was also shopping available.  What a surprise. Expensive trip.

We stopped in Nablus to see and touch the Jacob’s Well where Jesus encountered the samaritan woman - and told her every thing she had ever done.  There is an Orthodox church over the site but the well is intact and accessible.  We pulled water from about 30 meters down.  No one drank from the water but it looked good.

We arrived in Jerusalem around 4:00 and checked in to the hotel  Tonight we will attend a session featuring a debate between a Palestinian and an Israeli in an attempt to clarify the history, present and future of the political  situation here.

Our bus has been equipped with wifi as well as every hotel.  No shortage of communications.  Since leaving Bethlehem the food has been quite good.  

We have had devotions from the pastors at the significant biblical stops, all quite moving.  After dinner every night one of the our group also does a devotion.  Our turn is tonight but will be delayed because of the debate session tonight.  Those who preceded us did a fantastic job.  Lots of pressure.  

Someone asked me how this trip compared to any of the many trips we have taken.  There is no way to compare.  This has not been an event focused on tourism.  We aren't going from cathedral to cathedral checking them off each as we go.  No museums; no waterfalls; no golf courses; no majestic scenery.  Well there is the shopping and we do oh and ah over the views.  The objective is to be where He was and see where the events happened.  It’s been an amazing experience.  You can read stories, the Bible, see movies and hear the tales but the story is just in your imagination.  When you actually walk the steps, stand in the places with hands on, it becomes real.  Very real.  

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