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Holy Land Day 8

Whew.  Exhausting pace.  We had a nice breakfast. No bacon with the eggs for some reason, but good chocolate filled croissants.

Today we started at the top of the Mount of Olives.  Took a group picture and fought our way through the street vendors down to the Garden Of Gethsemane.  Beautiful sunny weather if still a bit cool.  Lots of pictures and lots of people.  The tour guides are pretty good at moving their groups around each other so things don’t get out of hand.  Even so there are a lot of people trying to see what we clearly have dibs to see.

Back on the bus to transit over to John The Baptists birth place - cave actually.  Also the always necessary toilet.  Up to now the toilets have been free.  Not so much in Jerusalem.  To avoid the constantly aggravating bladder issue, we have been walking a fine line between dehydration and tightly crossed legs.

Nice lunch, and a shopping opportunity - we give you 20% discount but because you are you we give you additional 20%.   Yeah… right.  Then off to Mount Zion where one finds, maybe, possibly, the site of the last supper.  The house of Caiphus was impressive with the cistern used as a prison.  We had the opportunity to walk the stone steps leading up into the city just outside the house where certainly Jesus walked on the way to his trial.

Back to the hotel through rush hour traffic.  Wild in all sorts of ways.  The bus drivers are miracle workers.  How they maneuver the narrow streets and conflicting traffic is amazing.

I got back and collapsed on the bed.  Mei Mei went off to watch a laser light show abut the history of Jerusalem.  She loved it but I was happy to have had the extra rest.

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